Real Relationships

An Independent woman can bring home the bacon and cook it too!

Real Relationships

Blended Families can be rewarding, loving and fun! Conflict does not always mean combat.  

Real Relationships

Upgrade does not always mean what you think.  upgrade man 1,0 to man 3.0.

Real Relationships

Speak the five languages of love for a long , lasting ,loving relationshhip

Real Relationships






Know your worth, you are indeed Royalty!

Real Relationships

Relationship Expert Joan hehir and Samantha letting you know that we like to keep it REAL!

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Joan  disscusses with the audience what to look for when you are looking for a mate.  Choose some one with good character, kindness and most of all someone who only has eyes for you.



Joan talks about how she was with Mr. Wrong and he was a serial cheater.